News from the expedition HIMALAYA 2007 - DHAULAGIRI

14 November 2007

Together with Fredrik, Kim (South Korea) and his two climbing sherpas, we tried to reach the summit of Dhaulagiri.

Dodo 19.10.2007
19 October 2007

I sent some new pictures from Dhaulagiri on this page. I think they will say you more than my writing. And in few days I am home...

18 October 2007

The solution was the helicopter.

Kaca 17.10.2007
17 October 2007

Yesterday it was very difficult for us. We came back in the evening, wet and tired. It was blowing hard, we had a lot of fresh snow, visibility was bad. The way back from C1 took us long. We are all right, without frostbites.

Dodo 16.10.2007
16 October 2007

We are in BC, everything is all right, we are tired.

Dodo 15.10.2007
15 October 2007

We are descending from C1. It is snowing heavily so it's hard to walk, we are tired.

Kaca 14.10.2007
14 October 2007

New message from Pasang:

Kaca 14.10.2007
14 October 2007

We don't have any news from Dodo or Kinga but I just received email from Pasang from Sherpa Adventure Travel who is taking care of them:

Dodo 9.10.2007
10 October 2007

Today it was really a nice day, despite of the forecasts. Clear sky, no avalanches. And we spent that day in BC...

Dodo 8.10.2007
10 October 2007

We are back again. We turned at cca 5.100m after a big avalanche had fallen in our way. Fortunately we were not inside. After the first avalanche there was also second one. We were lucky not to leave BC earlier.

Dodo 7.10.2007
10 October 2007

Weather is not the best. It is not snowing too much but we can hear avalanches.

Dodo 4.10.2007
04 October 2007

We left BC yesterday around four, together with Frenchmen, Dutchmen and Austrians. There is a lot of snow so the way to C1 took us more than 9 hours. We reached C1 in the afternoon.

Dodo 2.10.2007
04 October 2007

After six days of heavy snowfall it finally cleared up. We don't hear avalanches anymore. There is a lot of new snow and conditions on the mountain worsened.

Dodo 1.10.2007
01 October 2007

Weather is improving! We consulted it with guys from other camps and we should go up with the Frenchmen the day after tomorrow, fast and light style (not the Frenchmen). The Dutchmen will start already tomorrow as they are short of time.

Dodo 29.9.2007
29 September 2007

Today we tried to find our deposit we have left on the place of landing of our helicopter. Useless. Everything is somewhere under 1m of snow. We will try tomorrow.

Dodo 28.9.2007
29 September 2007

Weather is still not good so we are waiting. It has to stop one day and that's the day when we will start.

Dodo 25.9.2007
25 September 2007

Today we have half a meter of fresh snow. It looks quite dangerous higher, there's a big menace of avalanches. Poor those who went up in C1.

25 September 2007

Our second day in base camp. It's on the moraine in 4750m. At the moment we are several expeditions here with the same aim - Dhaulagiri northeast ridge.

Dodo 23.9.2007
23 September 2007

We arrived to base camp (4.750m) this morning. The flight from Pokhara took us only 40 minutes. The helicopter had unloaded us cca 1 km from the desired place so we spent the most of the day carrying our numerous luggage.

Dodo 22.9.2007
22 September 2007

Our 4-day sightseeing stay in Kathmandu finished. Yesterday Katka went home and Kinga came from Poland.

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