Dodo 1.5.2007
02 May 2007

It's hard to put it in words. The wound is still fresh and it's hard not to get emotional.

Dodo 28.4.2007
28 April 2007

Unfortunately the search is unsuccessful for the moment.

Dodo 26.4.2007
27 April 2007

On April 24 I left C2 with Marek. Few meters under the summit Marek decided to return and started to descend on fix ropes. On my way down from the summit I stopped at our C2. It was buried under the snow. Marek wasn't there. I found his ice awe and one glove.

Dodo 23.4.2007
23 April 2007

The British route. Marek and I are in 7000m.

Dodo 21.4.2007
22 April 2007

Nothing new last days. We were waiting. Koreans want to fix all the way up. Fotunately not before we will climb it. We leave tonight.

Dodo 17.4.2007
17 April 2007

We are waiting for the weather.

Dodo 15.4.2007
17 April 2007

We reached the BC (5300m) under Shisha Pangma on Saturday the 14th of April. It is really nice here. No rubbish! Not as in Cho Oyu BC. We had some problems with yakmen, they didn't want to continue in a deeper snow, but we persuaded them by some extra dollars.

Duce 12.4.2007
12 April 2007

On 7 April we moved from Cho Oyu Base Camp to Tingri.

Marek, Jaro, Dodo 5.4.2007
05 April 2007

Slovak mountaineering expedition completed its stay under the sixth highest mountain Cho Oyu 8201m and will move in few days under its main aim, NW face of Shisha Pangma 8045m, to make an attempt in alpine style.

Dodo 3.4.2007
03 April 2007

Duce is coming back to ABC. He is all right, just tired.

Dodo 2.4.2007
02 April 2007

It is cold again. Marek should start his second attempt tomorrow.

Dodo 1.4.2007
01 April 2007

Duce should come to C2 today. Marek is in ABC now and would like to make an attempt in few days too.

Dodo 31.3.2007
31 March 2007

I was on the summit in the morning, Marek came to 7.800m.

Dodo 30.3.2007
30 March 2007

Marek and I are in 7.000m. Duce stayed down.

Dodo 28.3.2007
30 March 2007

All the three of us feel well. I didn't have headache yet, I enjoy meal.

Dodo 27.3.2007
28 March 2007

Beautiful weather and good acclimatization allowed us to ascend some more metres upper.

Dodo 25. 3. 2007
25 March 2007

Today┬┤s morning is clear but too windy.

Dodo 23.3.2007
23 March 2007

Today I came with Marek in ABC in 5.630m. I feel very good, I just still get out of breath. Marek has headache but as he says he knows that feeling and will feel fine after some sleep. Duce has no problems but he decided not to join us before the evening or tomorrow.

Dodo 22.3.2007
22 March 2007

Yesterday we moved to BC in 4.700m.

Dodo 19.3.2007
19 March 2007

Finally Tibet. Yesterday we were in Nyalam and made our first acclimatization hill above the village. As Duce says - tibetian classic: dirt, mess, communism.

Dodo 15.3.2007
15 March 2007

Today we went to Thamel. It's the biggest bazaar in Kathmandu. We were looking for altitude boots, down jackets,... everything we need and have in cargo. But we didn't find boots. The number 46 is taboo here.

Dodo 14.3.2007
14 March 2007

Today the trekkers left for Tibet, we keep waiting for cargo. Palo went to the doctor again and it seems he has to stay in Kathmandu five more days. Yesterday we celebrated his birthday in a friendly bar. The rest of us will go to Tibet perhaps tomorrow. But everything depends on our cargo.

Dodo 12.3.2007
12 March 2007

I am writing from the hotel Manaslu in center of Kathmandu. Yesterday we had dinner in Pasangs house. Nice house, pleasant wife, great son, cat Limba and dog. Nice evening. I tried "chang" for the first time. It's rice bear. First glass nothing special but the rest of them...

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